MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Review

RiRi Woo

I know this is no brand spanking new product, but a few months ago Rihanna released a shade of lipstick for MAC’s Viva Glam collection. I’ll be honest, I was really on the fence about buying this lipstick or not, and it was probably the packaging that gave me the final push to purchase it. Who can really resist when MAC does special packaging?! But after wearing this lipstick, I’m pretty surprised that I’m liking it as much as I am.

RiRi Woo 2

The lipstick itself is a blue-based red in a frost finish. It is very similar to Ruby Woo (As the name definitely suggests). I feel like MAC took the same color and just turned it into a frost finish instead of Ruby Woo’s signature matte. RiRi Woo also appears to be a lot more sheer, making it a little more versatile if you want to pair it with different colored lip liners, or layer lipsticks. It also feels great on the lips, it’s not drying like Ruby Woo tends to be because of it’s matte finish.

RiRi Woo Swatches 2(Swatches are one swipe of lipstick in natural light)

In my personal opinion, I don’t think that RiRi Woo is a necessity unless you’re an avid Rihanna fan, or you just can’t resist that amazing packaging. As you can see from the swatch above, it’s really similar to both Ruby Woo and Russian Red. The only difference is the frosty sheen that can easily be achieved by just using a gloss. But if you’re looking to add a red to your collection, RiRi Woo might be one to check out simply because of how versatile it can be.

Please share any of your thoughts on this lipstick below! Thanks for stopping by and have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend!

xoxo Kara



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