Milani Rose Powder Blush Review


Milani recently released a limited edition Rose Powder Blush collection. I picked up the shades Lady Rogue (left) and Love Potion (right). Right off the bat, let’s just admire how beautiful these are! I’ll admit it, the rose pattern totally sucked me in! But regardless of how beautiful they are, they are actually really good blushes. They are both a matte finish and have great color payoff. A little bit of these goes a loooong way! They are a bit chalky, but nothing that would turn me off from buying them. Milani’s website also says that real rose petals are micro-milled into the powder to bring out the rosy tones. How cool is that?

Milani 3

Love Potion

Love Potion is probably my favorite of the two. It’s a muted dusty pink color and it’s absolutely gorgeous on the skin. The color payoff on this blush is also a little better than Lady Rogue and applies more evenly on my cheeks. It’s also a color that you could wear year round, and with most looks.

Milani 2

Lady Rogue

Lady Rogue is a very red-based coral color. It’s unlike any blush that I own and I’m quickly falling in love with it. It is very pigmented, but can easily turn into a big mess on your cheeks so it’s important to use a light hand. I think this color is perfect for summer and would look especially good on darker skin tones.

Milani 5

These were swatched on bare skin using no primer with my fingers in natural light. This is just one swipe so you can see how pigmented they are!

The Rose Powder blushes are available in select drug stores and I’ve seen them run from $6-8 dollars depending on the location. They are $7.99 on Milani’s website and you can find them here!prettyPhoto%5Bgallery1%5D/3/ (unfortunately, the colors are limited, and both I mentioned are not listed )

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy your week!

xoxo Kara



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